BlackRoc x Blackridge Partnership

Updated: Aug 22

BlackRoc Gaming announces partnership and with Blackridge Holdings Company.

BlackRoc Gaming provides an opporunity for gamers from around the world to

About BlackRoc Gaming:

BlackRoc Gaming has a selection of tournaments, both free and cash prize-based, ensuring that gamers get the latest in gaming, products and news regarding esports.

  • All users have the chance to win big at BRG

  • All major games and platforms are supported

  • Tournaments every week with cash prizes

  • Free and paid tournaments

  • Hosted by BlackRoc

  • Play-by-play commentary

  • All winnings paid within 24 hours via paypal

About Blackridge Holdings Co.

BlackRidge Holdings Company (BHC) is dedicated to Building Great Companies through creating strong partnerships with management teams in sectors where we can be value-added partners. As a thesis-driven firm of entrepreneurs and former operators, we are uniquely equipped to assist with the various growth stages founder-owned, lower and middle-market companies face.

At BHC, we are more than just investors. We are real business partners who are committed to creating value for our companies by building on the foundation of one core goal: providing exceptional service to each company’s customers.


“We look to provide capital, structure and opportunity with every partner.”

Cortney Davis, CEO of Blackridge

Blackroc and Blackridge together gives users a better chance to have large events, huge cash prizes and the latest in gaming products that best serve our users.

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